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Gran Pasha Group is a professional and experienced group in the field of building construction. With years of experience in the industry, we are recognized as a trusted name in providing construction services

Our mission at Gran Pasha Group is to provide high quality, accurate and professional construction services. We carry out various construction projects using a team of skilled and committed professionals

At Gran Pasha Group, cooperation with our customers is based on values such as transparency, trust and respect. We are committed to providing customized and timely solutions for your construction needs. By focusing on details and using high-quality materials, we create buildings with intelligent design and high durability

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Engineer Granpasha

What is the story of Gran Pasha

Engineer Gran Pasha, who is currently one of the most successful and well-known engineers in the field of residential and commercial construction in the east of Tehran, has had a remarkable story in his life until today, which you will read below.

After graduating, Engineer Gran Pasha went to the military to complete the sacred service and after completing the course, he completed the service in 1376

About two years after completing his military service, in order to improve his knowledge and the need to gain more experience, he did more research and investigations necessary to enter the field of construction and engineering. In order to have an income at the same time with the promotion and strategy of his goals, in 1379 he built his own juice shop in Qanat Kausar area of Tehran, which at that time attracted many customers due to the high quality of the products

Mr. Engineer Gran Pasha, from 2007 to 2011, received the license to sell Mazandaran textiles in Qanat Kausar, and in this field, significant progress was made in the statistics of Mazandaran textile sales

In the same year, almost all the experiences had been gained, the scientific and technical knowledge had reached the level necessary for the construction of the building, and since he had diligently purchased a shop with self-sufficiency and self-employment, he sold the same shop in 1392 He sold it to start construction with the amount of his shop

Since that project was the first project under construction by the engineer Gran Pasha, there were problems on the way. Among other things, buildings and land were built with 100% density due to the retreat, and the next problem was liquidity

One of the elders of the place, who was influenced by his efforts and the credit he had gained in the past few years, contracted one of his shops to the engineer Gran Pasha and had his unwavering support, which led the project to the next stages. be guided

In that project, there was still a liquidity problem until the fourth ceiling stage of liquidity was exhausted and Gran Pasha engineers sought to receive a 1 billion Toman loan from the Agricultural Bank

The problems of that project were so much that most of the people around him gave him hope, but in the end, with effort and experience, and by pre-selling one of the floors of that project, it was finally completed

Dear Mr. Gran Pasha, the founder and owner of Gran Pasha Engineering Office, until today, he has built many projects in the east of Tehran with excellent construction quality and with respect to his science and knowledge, and he always repeats the same slogan at every moment. and that slogan is

Honesty in speech, adherence to commitments, accuracy and delicacy, after-sales service

With the help of God and relying on this slogan, today Mr. Gran Pasha is one of the most famous builders of residential, office and commercial properties in the east of Tehran, and every owner wants to cooperate with him

Mr. Gran Pasha, always at the end of the talks, he owes all his successes to God Almighty


Participating in construction with Gran Pasha is a great and exciting opportunity. This process not only allows you to create a positive work experience for yourself, but also allows you to be an active player in the construction industry.

Design and Architecture

Design and architecture are the most basic elements on which the function and shape of the building is based. Design and architecture play a very important role and make the building highly productive, efficient and create added value in the project.



Experience, expertise and accuracy are very important in building construction. We will maintain strict quality control at all stages from planning and design to implementation and monitoring, using the best practices and industry standards.

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